Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guest Strip #7 - Thatch the Wizerd

Now, I know I said this before, but this really is the last guest comic I have. A regular comic will be updated later today but I'm hoping this will keep you going.

This guest comic is from TJ over at

From what I can understand, Thatch the Wizerd is about Thatch who is a wizerd. Anything beyond that is just hearsay. You should check it out because it is delightfully confusing (and also appears to not be getting the traffic it deserves).

It is rumoured that the only way to become a wizard is to leave feedback (and follow @thatchthewizerd on twitter) and deep down, isn't that everyone's greatest desire? The answer to that question is most certainly: "Maybe?".

Also, I should mention that I really like this guest strip because I feel that it fully encompasses the inner turmoil and pain that I try to express through all my comics. Being stuck in a pickle with no clear way out is exactly what Octopuns is all about.

Disclaimer: accidental rhyming is not the responsibility of octopuns inc


  1. Oh that Steve.

    He's a bit of a dill.

  2. I have a list of octopuns for you to do sir...

    - "We need to take advantage of the situation!"
    - "I'm really out of shape."
    - "Ladies dig me."
    - "Tickling the ivories."

    PLEASE DO THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL I would but I can't draw for crap.

  3. why is there a spider in the sky :(