Thursday, October 5, 2023

(Old Comic) #005 Sleep Time

I tried varying this one up a bit compared to the original comic, but at WHAT COST?

(also, before anyone asks, that's what the slit in the pillow is for. please no further questions. they deserve their privacy. also, children please don't read what I just wrote)

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  1. I miss those dramatic close-ups :-(
    PS. Before you write again that we are hard to please, please refer to your first remake:
    "If you remember the days of original Octopuns, please leave a comment about how everything new is terrible and how Octopuns ain't what it used to be."

    1. I agree! The three panel layout doesn't give me much to work with! Octopuns sucks.

    2. Octopuns are the greatest! It's the author who is lazy!