Thursday, December 7, 2023

(Old Comic) #013 Drought

This one needed updating because it turns out I'm a weird Australian and no one understands my jokes.

Octopuns is educational now. Also I'm allowed to draw a stereotypical Mexican wave because I also have drawn a stereotypical Australian. An eye for an eye. A stereotype for a stereotype. It's allowed.

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  1. You're neither weird, nor not understandable!
    It's not only In Australia that people call it 'the Mexican wave'.

    PS. Looking at the details, I think the comic was made last minute, wasn't it?

    1. You know me too well. I struggled to find a good way to update this comic for 2023. Even considered skipping it completely because of the stereotypical Mexican tropes!

      Ultimately decided (very last minute) that I'll just explain the joke and move on with my life. Hopefully there's not too many other comics in my archive that are problematic.

    2. I thought we are pass that - you can't get cancelled if you cancel yourself for another decade (but don't) :-)