Tuesday, May 14, 2024

#129 Hearing

I'll be honest. I've had this comic done since the end of March - but I thought it was sooooo bad, that it made me rethink Octopuns completely.

That was until I realised that Octopuns was always bad - and you're the sickos for liking it.

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  1. "since the end of March"
    I hate you.

    1. As of the comic itself, I hate you even more, as the only bad thing about is the 8 legged Deathopi!

    2. Yeah, that's allowed. It ain't an octopus. It don't need to play by the same made up rules

    3. No, that's not allowed, because you've stopped posting, again!

    4. I guess I can just stop bothering you and forget about you for another ten years.
      Or maybe I will make the AI generate Octopuns and make you obsolete!

    5. I don't know if you'll be able to get an AI to generate such inconsistent quality.

    6. Also, please don't stop bothering me.

    7. Here you go!

      Title: "Ink-cognito Mode"

      Panel 1: An octopus sitting at a computer, tentacles on the keyboard and mouse, looking sneaky.
      Octopus: "Time to browse the sea-net without leaving a trail!"
      Panel 2: A close-up of the computer screen showing a browser in 'Private Mode' with a logo of an octopus wearing sunglasses.
      Panel 3: Another octopus enters the scene, looking curious.
      Second Octopus: "What are you doing?"
      Panel 4: The first octopus looks startled and quickly closes the laptop.
      First Octopus: "Nothing! Just... uh... practicing my ink-ognito mode!"
      Panel 5: The second octopus looks confused, scratching its head with a tentacle.
      Second Octopus: "But you don't even have ink..."
      Panel 6: The first octopus, now visibly sweating (somehow), tries to divert the topic.
      First Octopus: "Look! A school of fish!"
      Panel 7: The second octopus turns to look, and the first octopus makes a run for it.
      Panel 8: The second octopus turns back, realizing the trick.
      Second Octopus: "Wait a minute... that was just a bunch of seaweed!"
      Caption: Sometimes, being ink-cognito is harder than it looks!

    8. It's even worse and has more panels!

    9. Title: "The Seven-Tentacled Tearjerker"

      Panel 1: An octopus with seven tentacles is sitting at a bar, a single tear falling from its eye.
      Bartender: "Why the long tentacles?"
      Panel 2: The octopus looks up, wiping away a tear.
      Octopus: "I'm just feeling a bit... armless today."
      Panel 3: The bartender looks puzzled.
      Bartender: "Don't you mean 'harmless'?"
      Panel 4: The octopus holds up its tentacles, counting them.
      Octopus: "Nope, I usually have eight, but I can't seem to find the other one."
      Panel 5: The bartender chuckles and slides a drink over.
      Bartender: "Here, have a drink on the house. It's called 'The Octo-martini.'"
      Panel 6: The octopus takes a sip and immediately cheers up.
      Octopus: "Wow, this really hit the spot! It's like I've found my missing tentacle in spirit!"
      Panel 7: The bartender smiles, and the octopus starts to leave the bar.
      Bartender: "Remember, it's not about the number of tentacles, but the joy in the ink!"
      Panel 8: The octopus waves goodbye with its seven tentacles, a big smile on its face.
      Octopus: "Thanks, I'll be sure to 'ink' about that!"

      It doesn't know when to stop!

    10. My favourite part was: "visibly sweating (somehow)".

      ...but I'm glad we are in agreement that my human ability to stop updating Octopuns all the time is the reason AI can never replace me. Imagine actually getting an Octopuns comic every Monday and Friday as advertised. It would SUCK!

    11. > My favourite part was: "visibly sweating (somehow)".
      Yes, mine too!

      > is the reason AI can never replace me
      Well, the only reason it can't replace you is that it stops talking to me when I insult it - you don't.

  2. Yay! New puns! ᵐʸ ⁿᵃᵐᵉ ᶦˢ ʲᵉᶠᶠ

    1. Well then you have my legal permission to use this comic at your funeral.