Thursday, September 21, 2023

(Old Comic) #003 - The New Guy

I'm not sure how after 13 years of drawing Octopuns I still haven't worked out that I should never, ever, try to put clothes on them. 

Third comic ever and I already had to draw monks that looked like monks, a deli that looks like a deli and a llama that doesn't look like an alpaca. Past me was real brave.

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P.S I've also set up a Patreon. There's no exclusive content yet, so it's really just for anyone who wants to support/discourage the creation of Octopuns.


  1. So, now you've put the clothes on the Octopi, is this sort of Adam and Eve situation?
    Aren't you afraid they will sue you for publishing their naked bodies? Does sharing the strips (hehe) makes me an accomplice?

    1. PS. What happens when you run out of comics to remake? Will you start an infinite loop of remaking the new ones and the remakes?

    2. PS2. It was Gary, not Larry.

    3. Yes. I will just keep riding the high of old Octopuns by remaking them every couple of years - and each year the jokes will become more and more dated until one day we won't even remember what a seal is.

    4. Thank you, I will learn my children how to live based on your comics.