Monday, October 23, 2023

#115 Transport

My god. Have you ever tried to draw a train in fitness gear? It's not fun.

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  1. Is a green octopus a minor? Do you support child labor?!
    Also, why does the train have two pairs of eyes, and why only one shed tears?

    1. Well, I sure do have answers for your seconds questions, but they aren't satisfying.

      Originally, the train's lights WERE the eyes, but then I wanted to add a forehead sweatband to the train, and it wouldn't make sense to have the eyes ABOVE the sweatband. That's madness! So, I moved the eyes to the bottom of the carriage and it all made sense for a short moment... BUT THEN I didn't like the sweatband because it doesn't make sense for a train to have sweat glands, so I gave up on the sweatband... BUT it was too late to move the eyes because I had already added the tears and I have a rule that "once the tears are in, the eyes can't move". That rule hasn't steered me wrong - and it still hasn't, so be quiet.

    2. Thank you for not ignoring my annoying questions.
      Also, they are satisfying, more or less.

      As I fully understand and respect the "once the tears are in, the eyes can't move" rule, I still can't find and answer to why the "original" pair of eyes doesn't have any tears :-(

    3. Those eyes got demoted to non-eyes. No-eyes get no tears. That's also one of my rules.

    4. At the risk of very clearly showing you that I straight up lied about my "once the tears are in, the eyes can't move" rule - you can watch my eye placement turmoil here thanks to Procreate's timelapse feature.

    5. > At the risk of very clearly showing you that I straight up lied about my "once the tears are in, the eyes can't move" rule
      Doesn't matter, I keep believing you won't abandon me, again.

      Also, is there any other way to say thank you other than Patreon / PayPal?

    6. I mean to help to "keep octopus-based puns off our internet by encouraging the existential dread and procrastination that made me stop updating Octopuns in the first place".

    7. Keep doing what you're doing! Your comments here are the best way to ensure I won't leave because I always take them as insults and try harder to make you proud of me. I made sure none of the above octopi have eight tentacles, but you didn't even mention that - you just insulted my tiny child-labor octopus instead. Brutal.

      (Also, one day I might make stickers/prints - so if you like spending money on real physical things instead of an empty promise that I won't leave again - that could be an option for support in future)

    8. I hope you know that I intent these comments to be funny (in a very malicious way). I don't want to insult your work in any way, as they remind me of my childhood while I was waiting for the Santa - the excitement for a new strip makes me very happy.
      You can't even imagine how excited I was once I saw some "movement" on the blog - even before the first "new" comic.

      As for the 'eight tentacles' problem, I believe to give one something to work on, instead of just giving empty praises :-)
      So, if you slip again with the tentacles number, I for sure will remind you of how lazy you are and the Octopuns are not what they were used to be!

      Well, I've asked about the payment alternatives as I don't really feel like giving my debit card data to any service (paranoid much?).

    9. PS. Sorry for the "weird" hours, but I live in Europe :-)

    10. I thought someone might be watching the blog close enough to see my minor updates! Thanks for not saying anything. You might have scared me off from the pressure.
      ..and no payment alternatives at the moment, but I also don't need anything other than your presence on this blog. I like all your comments, and I definitely take them in jest.

    11. The other comment was supposed to be a reply to this - I've clicked the wrong button.

  2. As long as the domain was up, there was a hope.