Monday, October 30, 2023

#116 Browsing

There's a reason I chose to draw octopi when I started this comic. That reason is likely to be apparent in this comic. It's because I'm secretly an AI image generation algorithm that has never seen a human hand before. You got me.

(also i'm sorry to all the children, adults and hands that love octopuns. i promise it's not all going to be disgusting smut comics)

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  1. I never thought this would happen, but it did.
    You could at least make the wife an octopus. Also, it seems that these are the tears of joy.

    Anyway, I am disappointed, for the first time. You could at least draw the thumb's hands, so there would be a twist - thumb with thumbs.

    1. :(

      I wonder what my actual ratio of octopi-less comics to octopi-full comics is. From the top of my head, I know the one about triangles and the one about the train that is actually a can don't have any octopi in them at all. Also, the one about dams.

      I get away with it in the one about honey being home because it definitely "looks" like the home has an octopi living in it - but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

    2. This time I might disappoint you (or my memory), but I believe that all of the strips you mention were not as vulgar as this one.

      What I mean, you gave another life to some really corny jokes / word-plays that made the joke itself even better.
      This one is just lazy.

      Nevertheless, I will keep supporting you (in the comments section that is, unless you will produce some merchandise, if you know what I mean), even if you keep producing those low-effort comics.

    3. PS. Sorry, I am drunk, it's 1 am here, and it's holiday today (or tomorrow?).

    4. > "What I mean, you gave another life to some really corny jokes / word-plays that made the joke itself even better."

      Oh okay, I understand now! I've never really done that intentionally but what you describe there IS the kind of humour I naturally prefer, so it likely comes across in most of my comics. The strange thing is comics like my lighthouse comic ( don't really build upon the pun at all - but that one is unfortunately my most successful comic ever. I hate it.

      Though in this specific case, It might be the combination of the basic pun setup AND the vulgar premise (+ cheap joke with the censorship blur) that doesn't work for you. I'm also not a fan of this comic but as you no doubt can tell, I don't have a backlog of comics, so once I started on this joke - it was going to happen no matter what. I personally don't like vulgar punchlines though - so I will actively try to avoid them in future.

      I think I've also said it before, but I really have zero idea how any of my comics are going to be received (and I don't really even know if I find them funny until I look back on them years later). This is my second best performing comic on Reddit lately (IBS comic was the first), but that obviously doesn't mean we're wrong. It is Reddit who is wrong. Only you and that one teacher who shows my comics in class are my true fans. At least, I'm uhh, assuming you're two different people. :|

    5. Also, it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. I appreciate your feedback so much (both positive and negative!). I don't often think about the identity of Octopuns and what makes it work/not work - so discussing it like this helps me put that into words.

    6. > "The lighthouse one is lazy as well, but, I don't know, in a positive sense"

      Yeah. I think that's the key! Never realised it but I'll keep it in mind.

      > "I don't know why, but I am particularly fond of the parking sons, or the make up sex, or the anything on this site."

      I like the make up sex one too! Parking sons I like, but I feel like its going to get me cancelled one day.

    7. > I feel like its going to get me cancelled one day
      Well, you can't get cancelled if you just disappear for another 10 years (but don't).

  2. What, that means there's three of us true fans!

    Also, why are kid thumb hands so low? ARE THOSE HANDS?!

    1. Those are... thumbs. Extra thumbs. His hands are off screen.

    2. Go away, three's a crowd.