Tuesday, January 16, 2024

#124 Accidents

This is episode two in my series of "comics that are about a common saying and then the punchline is an object in a coffin". Here's part one: Lunch Time

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  1. I hoped that the one day delay was caused by you updating the year in the comic, but noooo....

    PS. Admit, you've just made up the part about this being a series.

    1. PS2. You've broken the comic navigation (or is it Australia thing being upside down)!

    2. My god. Where would I be without you?

      Thanks for noticing the comic navigation and I wouldn't have changed 2023 to 2024 for at least another 6 months if you didn't point it out

      The one day delay is because I leave everything to the last minute and if something comes up on the night I'm meant to post, I just have to give up.

  2. The irritable bowl making a cameo!