Friday, January 12, 2024

(Old Comic) #016 Flies

In an absolutely unprecedented move, I have changed the name and species featured in this comic. Original here.

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  1. Works much better too, we all know time flies.

  2. Stop being lazy and change the year in the comic already!

  3. Just discovered you about an hour ago, I'm definitely a fan! Is there a mailing list for new strips?

    1. No mailing list at the moment. Is that something common for webcomics?

      I am on other platforms though that might be better suited to you. I'm currently posting on Patreon. Webtoons, Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, Bluesky and Patreon (you can follow for free - no exclusive posts). If there's other platforms you're on, I'll consider posting my comics there as well.