Tuesday, January 23, 2024

#125 Wife

Announcement: Octopuns will be on a brief one TWO week hiatus because I'm a bad terrible person. I'll post a remade comic on Friday.

This is episode two in my series of "comics that are about a man cheating on his wife with the punchline". Here's part one: Husband

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  1. Oh, come on, admit it, you made up that this and the other ones are series!

    1. Hoooowww dare you? Continuity has always been ONE of the most IMPORTANT parts of Octopuns and it is going to be essential for the inevitable Octopuns Netflix Original series.

    2. Can you switch to Disney+? I don't have a Netflix subscription.
      What is the ETA? 10 years?

    3. PS. I'd love to see an animated series of Octopuns! With voices, of course.

    4. PS2. Or even better, a real persons in octopi costumes.
      Can you imagine person wearing octopus costume that wears a house costume? Woah...

  2. So, it's happened again :-(